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A sleepless night full of dreams After the release of « Out Loud » last January, french duo Supermassive comes back with their second single of the year, ‘4:22 AM’. This time, Edgar and Simon chose their long-time friend Allison to cast her voice on the electro-pop piece. The singer’s voice embodies the story of this song, that tackles childhood and the life of a young girl living in her dreams. Full of hope and optimism, « Out Loud » is an hommage to a child’s innocence and untamable imagination. « We finished the track at 4:22 AM, and thought that the time actually fitted the song’s mood quite well, so we decided to call it 4:22 AM » Supermassive Alongside the fresh electro-pop instrumental composed by the duo, « Out Loud » is a true cure for bad moods, that should be listened to a few times over in these troubled times.

The composers met in 2013 while studying at Montpellier’s film music school. Simon specializes in hardware machines as well as live controllers while Edgar focuses on the instrumental part and the melodic aspect of composing. After collaborating during several years, they finally decided to unite forces in 2018 through the creation of the Supermassive project. Mixing in diverse influences from electronic music to indie rock, pop, or even classical music, they quickly figured out their own musical color and discovered an impressive complementarity. Debut electro pop release « The One » was released on Bakermat’s label « Big Top Amsterdam » and offered to Supermassive their first international success.

FR VERSION / Nuit blanche et rêves plein la tête pour les Supermassive Après le solaire ‘Out loud’ sorti en janvier dernier, le duo montpelliérain continue sur sa lancée avec leur second single de l’année ‘4:22 AM’. Cette fois-ci, Edgar et Simon ont choisi Allison, amie de longue date pour enregistrer le morceau. Ainsi, la chanteuse incarne la voix du morceau qui parle de l’enfance et en particulier d’une petite fille qui vit dans ses rêves. Positive et empreinte d’espoir, il s’agit là d’une ode à l’imaginaire et à l’innocence. « On a terminé le morceau à 4h22, on a trouvé que l’heure collait bien avec l’esprit du morceau on a donc décidé de lui donner ce titre ». Supermassive Sur une instru électro pop ultra-fraîche dont les Supermassive ont le secret, ce morceau est un véritable antidote d’optimisme à consommer sans modération en ces temps troublés.

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