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POP SINGER TOMAKA RELEASES NEW SINGLE ‘BACK ON MY FEET’ ON JANUARY 1st, 2021  Pop singer and songwriter Tomaka will release his second single on January 1st, 2021. Tomaka’s new single Back on my Feet is based on the story of a friend who, following a major accident, ended up in hospital, paralysed.  The tune is also a reference to the current health situation where many people are in hospital trying to get well again.  The tale behind the track:  Tomaka’s friend had requested to be transferred to a physical therapy centre.  The nurse -named Helen in the song- told him that he should quit hoping and merely accept the fact that he would never walk again. Yet, after weeks of hard work and perseverance, his friend was back on his feet again.  As soon as Tomaka heard the story, he began writing the song.  Back on my Feet is a catchy tune that turns a negative vibe into an upbeat song with a positive chorus in which hope hails the sceptics by showing them the light at the end of the tunnel.

BIOGRAPHY Tomaka is a pop singer and a songwriter based in London (U.K.). By embracing both synthesisers and acoustic instruments, Tomaka has found his mojo. His songs’ unique palette has deep roots in pop, punk and electronic music. Raised on the sounds of The Clash, Pet Shop Boys and John Lee Hooker, Tomaka was inspired by his many collaborations and travels. Backed up by two musicians on stage, Tomaka’s performances are energetic and genuine. The trio fiercely engage with their audience to create an atmosphere said to be mesmeric and vibrant by fans. Time to Go is Tomaka’s first single (July 2020). It was played on Hailsham FM (UK), Niky Radio (Québec), RTRFM (Australia) and Belgique FM. Tomaka’s second single “Back on my Feet” is due on 01 January 2021. Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

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