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Maurizio Rana discovered the handpan about six years ago, in 2015, and decided to play it to compose his music, with strong passion and abnegation. He recorded his first album in 2017, “The Moon and The Sun” (CD) and later he released the E.P. “Music for Handpan” (2018) and the album “Hypnos” (2019). The synergy with different forms of art allowed him to play in concerts with surround sound, in prose and music performances, in sound-induced meditation performances, as well as in percussionists concerts such as, for example, the one with the famous Loris Lombardo. Thanks to his publications and videoclips, Maurizio has gained an international respect in the Ambient / New-Age style which, with this latest release, it even finds him surrounded by many particular instruments. His technical and expressive research leads him to interact also with a parallel poetic production and, in track 5 of the mini album “At Night”, we find that his poem “Amo la Notte” also blends perfectly with his music.

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