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About two months after the release of the EP “Refúgio”, the beatmaker Amaro Mann ( aka Leo Marinho) from Paraíba (Brazil), returns with a live clip of “Cura”, the opening track of the EP and which has made its way onto playlists throughout Brazil and abroad. The video was recorded at Amaro Mann’s house. “The video reflects the vibe of the EP very well, as it was recorded here in my “refuge”, in the living room, surrounded by my plants, in the same spirit, in fact, as the videos I made for #30dias30beats 2020, in the period when the songs on the record began to be conceived. It was captured by my wife, who also designed the set. Afterwards, Riegulate contributed with all his talent in editing, incorporating effects, textures, video samples and graphics”, says Leo Amaro Mann.

About the graphics and effects of the clip, producer and video maker Riegulate explains: “The music video was inspired by the movie Walking Life and to an extent Cool World, which have a certain juxtaposition of dimensions, real life moving paintings. I thought about it from the concept of the cover of the EP Refugio, made by Filosofino. Something drawn, kind of watercolor and from nature – which Amaro Mann’s house is very full of. For me, in the clip it’s as if Amaro was this supernatural figure between these levels, that the music guides the video through nature. A type of fluid symbiosis between the dimensions and thus creating a positive vibe between the environment and the images. Amaro Mann is the main character who lives in this world”.

In addition to a video for a song from the new EP, Amaro took the opportunity to reformulate his composition, creating a live version, a more psychedelic and richer version of the song. “The idea for the version was to play a little with the arrangements, extending some excerpts and applying different effects, ‘dubbing it up’ in an even more relaxed way than the EP version, keeping the electric piano riffs and the guitar solo”, says the artist.

The “Refúgio EP” has four songs, which was released by the digital label Hominis Canidae and is available on all streams (listen to your favorite by clickinghere). And see the live clip of “A Cura” on Hominis Canidae’s youtube, here:

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