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A Vibrant Touch Offfff

Music Alive | Giugno 16, 2020

After releasing the single Full Speed ​​On The Wrong Lane in 2018 on the Splinter label, Texture Droite released its first album on Slab Note, a techno label initiated by Jarring Effects! Single “A Vibrant Touch Offfff” released on June 24 Remix “A Vibrant Touch Offfff” by Toh Imago released on July 8 Remix “A Vibrant Touch Offfff” by French79 released on September 2 “Vibrant Pixel” album released on October 9 Remix “Hi Res Vagueness” by Danton Eeprom released on November 4 The melodic and hypnotic Texture Droite offers you a colorful album. On the program, synthetic tablecloths and hard rhythms for a dense, sensual and moving sound material. An invitation to travel with a tasty blend of atmosphere and techno that pushes synths to their limits. Live, Texture Droite is the master of the image-sound link. It varies the abstract textures on the kicks to attack the image of snags and colored shocks.

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