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Anna Mattof – Run

Music Alive | Febbraio 15, 2021

Mysterious and discreet, here is Anna Mattof. She is 23 years old and she is not a newcomer to electronic music. Originally from Warsaw, she cut her teeth as a DJ’ette in the shallows of the Moscow undergound. In 2020, a moving and landmark year, she composed her first track, RUN. Anna placed her diaphanous hands on her tortured keyboards, her Caucasian soul revisited the 90s, the mental breeding ground of her genealogical branches, certainly branched out from those of a not so distant family. We can say that RUN is an electronic digest, a magnetic ardor, which gives a furious desire to run, to leave everything. Leaving an unstable and changing world in which one suffocates… what if the best way to walk is… to run? Music like stubbornness sequenced and broken to the rhythm of a liberating ride. Anna chose, like a resurrected rock star, to send out heavy, intangible and moving sound. The story is to follow.

Pubblicato da Music Alive


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