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An inspired and inspiring composer, outstanding musician and meticulous sound engineer, ZOPKE is a complete artist, well anchored in his time, perhaps even a little ahead. After several major releases, he released his first EP ‘Dream’ in 2018, which was critically acclaimed. In 2020, despite an artistically difficult year for everyone, nothing can stop him. Entirely self- produced, ZOPKE can compose, mix and master his first track ‘Believe’ by himself and produce his first video clip. Musician at heart ZOPKE, whose real name is Greg Zopke, was already known as a teenager for his talents as a guitarist in rock bands, a musical background from which he still draws some of his sounds. Originally from Bordeaux, France, he started playing keyboard at 8. After 10 years of apprenticeship and development, he learns MAO as a self-taught, and thus discovers electronic music, notably through the tracks of Jean-Michel Jarre and Avicii.Refining his ear but also his ambitions day after day, ZOPKE finds his own style. Passionate about acoustics and mixing techniques, he practices binaural and Dolby Atmos and makes immersive music his primary expertise. He settles in Paris and works in the biggest studios to push the limits of his creative techniques always further. Parallel to his creation, ZOPKE occupies his free time to…make music. He shares with his community many remixes, including the famous ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga, which quickly surpassed 100,000 views and 1 million streams. After such a success, his original music is appreciated by the greatest: George Massenburg, DJ Swivel,… Encouraged by his audience and surrounded by his professional entourage, he is currently working on immersive shows, where music and image become one, plunging the audience into a fantastic and new world.

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