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Music Alive | Settembre 20, 2020

JOAN PÉREZ-VILLEGAS – BLAU SALVATGE ( Segell Microscopi, 2020) Blau Salvatge is a kaleidoscopic work made up of six sound landscapes, each one of which is endowed with a distinctive light and colours that confer them the condition of unique works, while at the same time attributing discursive coherence among all of them. With the desire to obtain diverse results, each piece has been approached from a different compositional process. In addition the uniqueness of an unconventional instrumental set facilitates the exceptional sound of the ensemble. Vaivé is the only piece in which, instead of the violin, we hear the classical guitar. In this work, structured by a rhythmic cell that will never cease to be present, we can perceive sounds of gospel, Brazilian music, funk, etc., which have made it the single. Knowing the background of the composer and percussionist helps us to understand where the musical universe he offers us comes from, in which classical music, jazz and contemporary music, as if they were the three primary colours, overlap and combine at every moment to give rise to a very wide palette of resulting tones. Recorded in Barcelona -where Joan Pérez-Villegas studied classical and contemporary percussion and composition at ESMUC- this album has been conceived by the author as a synthesis of his experiences and learning in Barcelona, both in a musical and human level. The Young artists who have collaborated in this project are, without exception, friends and fellow students: Pau Lligadas (bass), Josep Cordobés (drums), Ariadna Rodríguez (violin), Pau Vidal (fflutes), Toni Pineño (clarinets), Joan Mar Sauqué (trumpet), Max Salgado (french horn), Leire Corpas (guitar) and Joan Pérez-Villegas himself (marimba and vibraphone) were the performers who, under the baton of Miquel Villalba, recorded on 21 and 22 June 2019 at the Sol de Sants studios (with Alberto Pérez). Produced by Joan and Marc Urrutia, the mixing and mastering of the CD has been entrusted to the latter. Ángel Pérez (videos and photos) and Gemma Ragués (illustrations) -who together with Carla Ejarque has designed the album- have also contributed their work. Joan Pérez-Villegas is currently studying contemporary jazz composition in Bern (Switzerland), while he prepares the release of this album and keep on developing new projects, while also frequenting Catalonia, where he continues working as a freelance.

JOAN PÉREZ-VILLEGAS Born in Mallorca in 1994, he began studying percussion at the age of eight at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Palma. It is not until 2013 that he goes to Barcelona to study the bachelor in classical and contemporary percussion at ESMUC. There he discovers and becomes interested in other music such as jazz and traditional music. So much so that at the end of the degree he starts and finishes the Barcelona Jazz Master’s Degree in Composition under the tutelage of Lluís Vidal. His career has led him to take part in numerous and diverse projects that range from chamber to symphonic music, including jazz groups, music for dance, theatre and film, pop, traditional music, etc. He has also been an academician at the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, guest artist at the SICMF 16’ (South Africa) and at the Festival Cistermusica 16’ (Portugal) with his percussion duo Face two Phase, with which he won first prize at the 4th edition of CIMCA (International Chamber Music Competition Cidade Alcobaça, Portugal). In 2019 he presents Blau Salvatge, his first project as a composer and band leader, he will release the album Blau Salvatge in 2020, while continuing his studies at the HKB centre in Bern with Django Bates y Martin Streule.

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