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In the universe of Hanni Palecter, shock, impact, freedom, outpouring of energy, irony and aesthetic and sonorous discomfort are a necessary way for unsuspecting people to get out of dichotomies, polarizations, ways of life with confused emotions.

In the video for “CRECA V” of the album CRECA released at the end of April in all streams, (Listen in your favorite stream here), the idea was to use images from the database, from b movies, Japanese series, all with the intention of generating the delight of visual discomfort linked to the sound.

In the words of the mysterious Hanni Palecter, creator of sound and video: “The idea for the video was to unite images that fascinate me in the tokusatsu universe. Horrible monsters and explosions. The music has an influence and some samples from genres like grunge, trap, and grindcore / crust aesthetics

About the artist:

Hanni Palecter is a mysterious project from Recife, which mixes experimental rap, rock, electronic music, lo-fi, noise and pop. This dystopian music was born amid the neurosis in the pandemic world. Singing in our own language, exposing  human desires that are becoming less and less understood by ourselves. The mystery is due to the fact that the artist has no interest in appearing, even in the spotlight of the modern world, having not yet disclosed his identity.

Listen to “Volume 1”, the project’s first album by clicking here.

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