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Music Alive | Agosto 21, 2020

Daniel Angelus is a British musician – a singer, songwriter, and producer – who creates “melodramatic cinematic pop and rock”. A self-described recluse, Daniel began making music after a difficult and traumatic childhood, using it as a form of therapy. What began as bedroom music has, ten years later, transformed into an incredible career in its own right. Daniel has performed live in the UK, Europe, and North America since 2008 – and music is now his full-time job. His sound is unique, built on “the frailties and wonderment of human life”. There’s real grit beneath the surface that only comes from lived experience, and which translates into the fullness of the music – “it’s the colours of your mind; it’s the pictures lost in time.” After releasing his debut LP ‘Miracle Dark’ in 2016, Daniel released ‘Wired for Heartbreak’ in 2018 – and fans gathered. A powerful album with a strong narrative, both within each song and as a cohesive thread throughout, Wired for Heartbreak is a standalone work of musical art. A beautifully constructed LP, every space is packed full of emotion but never crowded, and Daniel’s reverb-heavy vocals mesh in perfectly. Oft compared to David Bowie, after listening to the engrossing single ‘Reflection’ (a critical and audience success) it’s easy to hear why – but make no mistake, Daniel is his own artist. Daniel is getting his music heard by more and more people across the world; he’s currently working on new material to be released in ‘ACTS’ over the coming years. ‘ACT 1’ was up first, released in 2019 to worldwide critical acclaim, followed by ACT II in July 2020 which features a dream-pop cover of U2’s classic hit “With or Without You” alongside 8 other original track. The ACTS promises to take us on a whole new heart-pounding, body-shifting journey. – Hayley McKinney


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