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Did It for Love is now released on spotify and all major streaming platform

PIB, french Music producer origin based in Barcelona, Spain. Julien Muller suffers from a disorder called “misophonia” (etymologically “hatred of sound”) is a rarely diagnosed but common neuropsychic disorder, characterized by very unpleasant psychic states (anger, hatred, anxiety, rage, disgust) triggered by sounds specific. Since adolescence, this disorder has gradually excluded him from classic social situations to lock himself in active and passive listening to music and thus escape the noises and negative reactions that are increasingly difficult for him to manage at the time. day-to-day. Almost 10 hours of musical listening per day have allowed the artist to develop his musical ear while arousing his technical curiosity in recent years. He then studied the workings of the music industry, composition and more specifically his electronic universe and then resumed his studies, this time in learning musical composition in Barcelona, ​​where he is now an expatriate. “WE ARE MUSIC & ANIMAL LOVERS” The artist is also already known as the founder of the Pet Alert network, which has enabled more than 2 million families in a decade to find their lost dogs and cats. Today, on the strength of his new musical apprenticeship, he wishes to share his musical creations with the general public by drawing his inspiration from his daily life shared between the sun of Barcelona and that of Ibiza. His musical orientations are quite broad from electro House, from pop to Reggaeton, omnipresent in the Iberian Peninsula. According to the artist, music must bring emotions and he wants to be a creator of positive emotions only. The artist wishes to express his artistic sensibility for pleasure only and without financial ambitions. On the contrary, he wishes to donate all of his streaming rights to associations ensuring the protection of animals.

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