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Dix sur Dix by The French Mademoiselles

Music Alive | Luglio 23, 2021

THE FRENCH MADEMOISELLES Under this name, you will find a collectif run by two females singing : Miss K.T & Miss L with musicians : Monsieur Jacques & Mister Jacky. Mister Kris & Monsieur Fabrice Together, they take you for an interactive musical journey to the land of 60’s french pop: THE FRENCH MADEMOISELLES Imagine a concept album that focuses on the art of seduction by French women. These women show passion and sensitivity while maintaining their freedom of spirit – they are the ones who know how best to please! MADEMOISELLE KT She is beautiful, elegant, cultivated and yet leads both a professional and family life. But, beyond the cliché, this french woman is a fighter who prizes her quality of life. MADEMOISELLE L She is beautiful, slim and elegant and true to her reputation of loving the pleasures and art of life. A french mademoiselle with accent… For sure, she is from USA! MONSIEUR JACQUES Composer and musical director, he plays all instruments but first of all accordion and bass. He lent his talent to the most famous French artists before sublimating himself to offer the best groove of this pop made in Paris. MONSIEUR JACKY Devilish pianist who melts all hearts when his fingers touch his piano, he composes with his damned friend to offer us these unstoppable melodies with such a French accent. With Mister Kris (drums) and Monsieur Fabrice (Bass) and also Mr Pillou (Double bass) Together, this collective named: “THE FRENCH MADEMOISELLES” ! With two independent, non-conformist singers who channel the essence of Parisian women in a desire to combine the work and quality of life and assume their right of seduction! THE ALBUM: This is built around a selection of specially created songs as well as classics by such classic French writers as Michel Legrand and Francis Lai. They have been chosen to illustrate the theme of the “Parisian Woman” – one who understands everything in the art of seduction and the freedom of spirit. The French Mademoiselles present “FEMMES DE PARIS”, a concept album of 14 songs evolving in a dreamlike feminine universe. They revisit the history of the woman of Paris, her evolution, her awareness, her passions and her emotional construction towards this freedom of spirit. It is an interactive musical journey and quest that allows all women to understand how French women have created this spontaneous elegance and balance of life that allows them to maintain their professional and private lives simultaneously.

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