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Djanto feat. Djely Tapa

Music Alive | Dicembre 2, 2020

Always striving to create new sounds and push the boundaries of what pop music can feel like in the 2020s, Doubleheader present their 3rd single “Inteno” featuring afrofuturist artist AfrotroniX, named Best African DJ at AFRIMA (All African Music Award) in 2018, as well as Best African Act in Diaspora and Best African Electro at AFRIMA 2019. On Inteno, AfrotroniX shines throughout as his guitar solos and his lyrics, sung in sara language and exploring themes of hopefulness for tomorrow and respect for nature, are sampled and resampled by the beatmaking duo into what is a reggaeton in its essence, with heavy afropop and electronic influences. Inteno is a triple play that follows the releases of Diamond Flake feat. Dominique Fils-Aimé and Criadora feat. Samito, and is a must-listen song leading up to Doubleheader’s self-titled album release on November 20th.

Blending beatmaking, DJing and rap, Doubleheader is the frontal collision between musician-producer ARTHUR COMEAU (alias Radio Radio, Nom de Plume, Arthur Comeau) and multi-instrumentalist producer and arranger JEAN MASSICOTTE (has worked with Patrick Watson, Jean Leloup, Lhasa, Arthur H and Alejandra Ribera amongst others). The duo lays out energizing beats and sparks collaborations with singers and musicians of diverse languages and origins to explore new sonic territories and deliver unexpected flavors with tasty clashes!

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