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Driving with pomegranates (EP) – Alexia C

Music Alive | Maggio 4, 2021

After vagabonding in the music industry in France as a producer, booker and
musician in various projects, Alexia C decides to quit everything and produce her
music. In terms of timing it was a rather risky decision, taking into account the
outburst of COVID – 19. She works alone, discretely, in the intimacy of her room
without sound engineers and musicians.

Driving with Pomegranates is an EP composed by four songs and three videos clips.
Videos and music are closely connected, and share a binary bidirectional
relationship. In terms of style the music can be described obsessive-surreal dreampop, as there is something deeply repetitive in the sonic and visual images. Alexia C
recorded and produced all the music alone in her room. The vocals where recorded
appart at Pain Surprises Studio in Paris. Vincent Robinson and Yiannis Tziallas
recorded some additional guitars for the song Longtime and the whole project was
mixed by Yiannis Tziallas and mastered by Sylvain de Barbeyrac. For the videos
Alexia C drew her inspiration from experimental short films and indie pop
aesthetics, she wrote, directed and edited all videos and worked closely with
Maxime Gaudet for the image and Mairi Pardalaki for the direction of movement.
Alexandros Mentis, was also a very helpful presence during the whole process.
Ultimately Driving with pomegranates is about dreams and nostalgia; about
repetitive obsession and dark realism through the absence of distinct objects and

Alexia C grew up in Athens (Greece). She has been active in the music industry
since 2013, and she has worked as a producer, booker and musician in France and
elsewhere. She has written music for short films, co-produced records with other
musicians and worked in various art projects. She lives and works in Paris (France). Driving with pomegranates
Digital Release date: 19/05/2021 (please do not share and publish any info/ interviews etc before that date unless agreed)
Label: Fishbowl Music Tank
EP cover photo: Maxime Gaudet

Alexia C:

Pubblicato da Music Alive


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