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Electronic live set pt.2

Music Alive | Maggio 25, 2021

At a crossroads of various musical styles from which the three musicians come from (metal, jazz, electro, math-rock), the project TH/S /S SH/T is driven by the audacity to explore an atypical music. That music is crystallized in a mix that manages to be hybrid, modern and coherent all in one.More precisely, their sound is impregnated with the repetition and the aesthetics of electronic music combined with the fury of an abrassive rock.And this is how, as referenced in the band’s name, all this material sounds like a new punk era : this is shit ! ALBUM After initiating their music through theEP format,the band decided torecord10 songs,and reach a complete musical work.And it is throughout these 10 tracks that they were pushed further than a simple recording of instruments, and taking the path of an unexpected production process…The intention of producing a different sound from live performances, brought them about a sonorous conception close to current electronic music. LIVE On stage, their design takes another dimension.Their compositions flow successively with no down time, without resembling as an unsophisticated DJset.That’s a rock concert after all.And it’s in this particular instant that their compositions are transformed. Only remains a wild dancing machine, made of granulated synthesizers and a techno drum set.

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