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Everything Uncovered

Music Alive | Ottobre 5, 2020

In times of digital self-optimization, it is almost refreshing when an artist seems to limit himself to the essential and essential and lets his music speak for itself much more than putting his own person in the foreground. You don’t learn much about Native on the net. He was born in Switzerland and spent the last years in places like Los Angeles, Berlin, London and Zurich. His real name: unknown. Native focuses on his art and lets his deep and mysterious music speak for itself. “I don’t talk much about the meaning of my songs and I don’t try to explain them,” explains the songwriter. For Native, his songs must speak for themselves. “In a way, it’s not so much what they mean to me, but what they say and mean to the listener,” he adds. The music of Native Music lives from the contrasts. Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, fragile or passionate. With his unique singing style and an instinct for raw and honest emotion, Native creates songs that breathe a life of their own. Influenced by artists like Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver. The new single “Everything Uncovered” (release date: Oct. 2nd) was created in the middle of the Corona time. Producer Max Allyn (Los Angeles) as well as the songwriters Native and Steve Eli had to retreat into virtual rooms to work together on the song. A new way of working together for the three: Never in the same room, never in the same place. Nevertheless, they managed to capture the warmth and intimacy that is the music of Native. The song is about being in the here and now and facing your fears and failures.

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