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Pedro Hamdan, brazilian drummer and visual artist from Minas Gerais, hadn’t sung anything since the hit Não Fica Triste Menininha, released in the late 90’s and lost in some Basf tapes. He spent the first decade of the 2000`s aboard the voiceless instrumental trio Mordeorabo and remained, without singing a single word, his journey with bands such as Transmissor, Congo Congo and Moons.

Caneco Quente, his solo project, started in the distant year of 2007 and is the recordings of the ideas of a drummer who decided to sing, who hits the white keys of a MIDI keyboard and transforms melancholic notes into whistling melodies. His first album, released in September 2019, featured the precious guitars of Gustavo Cunha (Iconili), the co-production of Bruno Corrêa (who did the mixing and the mastering) and Leonardo Marques (also responsible for capturing most of the instruments in the Ilha do Corvo Studio).

Now he is back with “Falta Flauta / Flauta Falta“, a double album conceived, produced and recorded by himself between the solitary months of May 2020 and May 2021 in his home studio Abalo Císmico.

Caneco Quente  - Falta Flauta Flauta Falta Capas.jpg

Comprised of  21 songs without any chorus, using MIDI arrangements and cymbals / snare drum / floor tom as an “apartment drum kit”, Falta Flauta / Flauta Falta addresses (with or without lyrics) memories of pre-pandemic times, deliverymen and their bicycles, boredom and, above all, the unfathomable mysteries that make up the life and death of a beloved dog
An example is the song “O seu nome é Pedro ou papai?” (“If one day I get lost in the street / the moon is so beautiful / I can forget / what’s our street? / If I bark at the moon / is your name Pedro or dad?”), where he wonders how It would be if his dog Lina, who died in the last week of recordings, got lost in the neighborhood.

For almost an hour, Pedro Hamdan presents songs that wander through Lo-Fi electronic music, with hints of indie and pop. It is an invitation to the attentive listener, in the midst of the darkness of the days in which we live, the nonsense and the melancholy of everyday situations.

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