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After releasing his first single and music video ‘Song Of Hope’ on May 22nd, JOAO is releasing his first EP ‘The Beginning Of The End’ on September 25th, coming with a new single and music video ‘Fool’.

JOAO, neologism name that links joy and water (‘joie’ and ‘eau’ in French), essential elements in the career of this young singer-songwriter. At 22, the artist, passionate about music and surfing, already has a taste for elsewhere and has rubbed shoulders with many shores, including those on the french island of Oléron where he currently resides. Born in Guadeloupe, raised in different islands of the Antilles, he spent a childhood there punctuated by simple pleasures in a luxuriant environment. Beaches, forests, fishing and surfing constitute his daily life and then the base of his passions. Son of music lovers, JOAO has also been immersed in music from an early age. From his parents, through concerts and rehearsals, he learns, without even realizing it, the musical bases of what will guide his vocation. Rich in his experiences, his learning will take place without musical theory and it is in an intuitive way that he will understand this major art. Using the language he knew on the island of Dominica, he refined his writing in English and honed his compositions on the guitar. His ballads, imbued with naturalness and authenticity, trace the outlines of a refined folk universe cradled by a sweet intensity which owes a lot to his pure voice with plural hues. JOAO composes and delivers a moment, a feeling, like a photo that he sets to music to share his emotions. His songs are an invitation to travel, his melodies embrace you and transport you to fluid and captivating rhythms. In July 2019, he recorded his first 6-track EP, in one take, on tape and without clicking, simply and without artifice, going straight to the point, just like his compositions. Pending the release of the latter on September 25 on Soulbeats Records, the artist has unveiled on May 22, 2020 a first single ‘Song Of Hope’ which delivers a message of peace and solidarity in a time when war is still too often topical.

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