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How to Register for Free on the Best Italian Website for Musicians

Do you want to sign up for free on the most popular portal in Italy so you can have all the free space and a professional tool to publish your articles, releases, news about songs, albums, events and much more?

Well, if you want to promote yourself for free – all over Italy – you are in the right place!

We have already written a detailed article that you might find useful in understanding How to Publish and Promote Your Music and/or News Online for free in Italy, if you haven’t read it yet we suggest you do so.

But back to the free registration! How to register for free?

First, let us remind you again that it’s all absolutely free: uploading every single piece of information, post, article, release and/or anything else to this site is totally free, for free!

Let’s get started, click here to access the “Registration” page.

Who are you and/or What do you do?

Are you an “Insider“? Example: journalist, blogger, recording artist, publisher, you work in events, you work in booking, you have a live venue, music teacher, you do mastering/mixing, you have a music store, you are a PR person, you work in a press office, speaker, you work in radio, you have a rehearsal room, a recording studio, a music school, or you are a video maker? Do you fall into the category of “Addetto ai Lavori”.

Are you an “Artist“? Example: artist, band or DJ? You fall into the category of “Artista”.

Are you simply a “Listener” and want to follow us? Choose the category of Ascoltatore!

Great, enter “First Name – Last Name” (Nome Cognome, required), “E-Mail” (required), “Phone” (Telefono, NOT required), “City” (Città, NOT required), choose your “Role” (Ruolo, required). Select “Ho letto e accetto l’informativa sulla privacy” (“I have read and accept the privacy policy“), mandatory. However, the fields “Desidero ricevere la newsletter e Desidero ricevere comunicazioni informative e promozionali” (“I wish to receive the newsletter and I wish to receive informative and promotional communications“) are NOT mandatory.

Unbelievable, you are already inside your profile!

Check your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender and choose your “Profile Photo” (“Foto Profilo“) now!

Optimize your “Foto Profilo” (“Contact Information”): Email, Phone and City (if you want to).

Insert all links to your “Social” channels/pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify and Youtube) and “Salva le Modifiche” (Save).

Your membership is now complete! Well, from your Dashboard (Pannello di Controllo) you will have the ability to go directly to your Homepage, to your Personal Profile (Profilo), to your “Releases” (Comunicati) section, to any “Ordini” (Orders) from Marketplace (again, let us remind you that the portal is free, you are not required to make purchases) or to “Invite Your Friends” (“Invita i Tuoi Amici“)!

Invita i Tuoi Amici” is a section that allows you to enter a “Name” and an “E-mail” Address and then click “Invite” (Invita), thus inviting an acquaintance! And by clicking above, on “Invitations Sent” you can also check the status of the invitation yourself: Name (Nome), E-mail, Date Entered (Data Inserimento), Date Sent Invitation (Data Invio Invito) and User Registration (Registrazione Utente) done or not done! Inviting your friends NOT only helps us to grow but also to recognize you for any business merits, contact us by email to learn more (no obligation) and start cooperating with us!

You are registered and ready to start Publishing and Promoting for Free every single post, article and release, start now!

Written by Mattia Pavanetto (Founder) – Music-Alive 2023 ®

This site is exclusively in the Italian language. The page has been translated to assist your reading.

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