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Free services for artists, bands, musicians and DJs

The free offers are many and all free! More than 700 artists have already chosen at least one of the following…

πŸ’» Website

πŸ“· Instagram

πŸ“Ή Facebook

πŸ“€ Digital Music Distribution

🎞️ Spotify

🎎 YouTube (Like and Comment Exchange)

πŸ“₯ Collaboration

Well, let’s get started and look specifically at each and every free service we can offer you that you should use to get your music out there (and grow artistically) by taking advantage of our audience (18,000 followers on Facebook, 10,000 followers on Instagram, and 4,000 subscribers on site).

πŸ’» Website

if you have a release/article/review (and/or want to publicize an event) click here and in three easy steps you can share YouTube video, Spotify track (Soundcloud), images, videos, releases, interviews and articles.

Once published you can use our tool to promote the article and the good news is that if you make a higher number of visits (to the same) than the others then you will be put at no cost among the popular ones and you will be shared on all our social pages and newsletters! Get started right away!

We have also created a tutorial here that may come in handy.

πŸ“· Instagram

you must send photo (taken horizontally ✍🏻) and/or video (taken vertically ✍🏻) like the examples you will find πŸ‘‰ here
(if the photo and/or video do not follow the example in the previous link the content will be rejected, take a look at the link and go ahead ✍🏻) – the PHOTO should not be edited or photoshopped, you should NOT apply logos later. Put the logo on a tablet, on a smartphone, on a monitor, on a paper by printing it out…and take a selfie. Also remember to attach the link to your Instagram profile.

If you prefer to send a video instead then make a vertical one and within it greet “Music-Alive” and maybe talk about your projects or invite our followers to do some action (e.g. see your latest video, listen to your latest song, buy your record, attend one of your events…).

πŸ“Ή Facebook

as for Instagram, and remember to attach the link to your Facebook page – Check out the examples! πŸŽ–οΈ

πŸ“€ Digital Music Distribution

with us you can also do it for free!

Click here and find out how to do it!

🎞️ Spotify

enter as many songs as you want within our SPOTIFY Collaborative Playlists (choose the playlist, follow it and enter songs without any limit ✍🏻)

🎎 YouTube Like and Comment Exchange

(which you can access only after sending all the required materials previously ✍🏻)
you must first request (without commitment) the rules by sending a WhatsApp message to +39.3888040463
by simply writing the word “YOUTUBE” 🏷️

πŸ“₯ Materials (except for the Site) can be sent via email to πŸ“§ or via WhatsApp at +39.3888040463 πŸ“ž


We at Music-Alive are a family of professionals in Discography, Social Media, Publishing, Distribution, VideoClips, Audio Production and Booking. We enjoy getting to know new music realities, listening to demos, making suggestions. To start a potential collaboration is easy, leave a phone number and a last name, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

You can safely choose all services together and for free.

Looking for online assistance, how do you prefer to contact us?

Messenger β€“ WhatsApp

Photo by William White on Unsplash

This site is exclusively in the Italian language. The page has been translated to assist your reading.

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