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Gigione nega tutto

Music Alive | Aprile 7, 2021

Like a sort of “factory”, at the end of the 1980s, in the Art Institute of Foggia, Apulia, a music group was formed, with a line-up more similar to a collective (drums, bass, guitar, accordion, keyboards, percussions, vocals… and friends), surrounded and supported by several close friends who, sharing their days, also inspired the songs, being also contaminated themselves and building further parallel artistic identities, also in figurative arts. In that background, this group matured until it became a national cult band, called Pseudofonia. Thirty years later, it is fascinating and exciting to see how Pseudofonia are still preserving their audience, fans faithful to their music and to their ability to communicate with a personal style: tradition, modernity, critical spirit, ska, reggae, dub, folk, wave and pop in a unparalleled, unique and actual musical code, able to narrate the South, able to narrate us worldwide.

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