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“Grave” is a cry of despair in the
midst of the continuous chaos that
we breathe in Brazil in 2021. Made
with samples of broken instruments,
a fast latin orchestra is formed in
the sound that mixes breakbeat
with hip hop and dialogues with
house, jungle and hardcore.
A harsh and cavernous vocal crosses
the music with a poetic lyrics, it
connects madness.

The single also accompanies the track
“Danza de Los Muertos”, produced
with sampled fragments of lyrics by
Ataulpho Alves, Vitor Brauer and
Kiko Dinucci, used in the creation of
a narrative that calms the fear of the
future and invites you to dance with
the loneliness developed in the state
of isolation that we are going

” G R A V E “
T A L & T A L R E C O R D S

Tal e Tal Records is an
independent music label focused
on homemade music production.
The label seeks to work with
artists of various genres, seeking
diverse timbres and plural
possibilities of building and
producing music at home.

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