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I Won’t Take The Weapons

Music Alive | Novembre 21, 2020

When Neo-Classical music meets Electronic music. Two ambitious pianists come together to touch the stars. Coming from the classical world, they each developed their own musical path: MAM by exploring classical, minimalism, post-modern and rock; Piotr while exploring jazz, pop, rock and funk. It is around electro, a common influence, that they unite their hearts in order to rise to the best version of themselves. Intergalactic, organic, acoustic, digital, while remaining authentic, the exceptional duo offers new codes: an acoustic piano with its velocity and harmonics mingles with the power of electro beats and gleaming analog sounds, all offering melodies that remain in the ear and arrangements that transport to other dimensions. Two musicians inspired by the world, human relationships, surpassing oneself and spirituality find themselves at the crossroads of the stars, hence the name X-ing Stars, pronounced Crossing Stars.

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