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La Luna

Music Alive | Novembre 13, 2020

The artist, Gerard Díaz won the Sons de la Mediterrània Competition in 2019

LA COMPANYIA MINIMíssimA is a project that was born with the intention of making traditional music, making own compositions and traveling through all intermediate possibilities in the diffuse frontier of unwritten music. This first album has been recorded as a poetic act of resistance, a vindication of root music, simplicity and also tenderness as essential elements. Although LA COMPANYIA MINIMíssimA is made up of a single member, the album has been made with several collaborations of artists from different origins united by ties of friendship and by the common interest in making music apart from the great interests. At first, we find in the recording the voice of Pep Divins, poet and pastor of Catalonia, reciting his poem ‘Sobre la resistència’ (About resistance) and placing us without preamble in the first and main claim of simplicity and an uncompromising commitment to freedom. Accompanying the accordions and violins of LA COMPANYIA MINIMíssimA we listen great musicians such as the Cuban gambist Lixsania Fernández and small musicians like Iona, eleven years old, singing among the friends of this small company: Marc Torrent on hurdy-gurdy, Sara Guri on erhu or Ángel Martín (Málaga) on percussions. We find also the clarinet of Alberto Larraz, recovering an ancient composition totally unknown and found by chance in an old manuscript inside a drawer… and nonconformist poetry in ‘Cop de cap’ (Taking the plunge) with the rumba percussionist Jordi Esteve and the writer David Vila i Ros, who under the appearance of a micro-story invites us, reciting, to reclaim a world where everything is possible. All this is carefully wrapped by the illustrator Pepon Meneses, who has not only designed the album and he offers us a picture of himself on the CD, but has also created the video clip for the song ‘La Luna’ (The moon) and he plays the harmonium in another of the pieces. This is a really personal album, made practically in family, that would have been recorded yes or yes, because the author confesses that he couldn’t any more, but the Sons de la Mediterrània’s Award has allowed him to do so with all the necessary means and present it as never before it would have been possible.

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