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Launch of the EP “Debuting the 21st Century” by Hierophants from Mars

Music Alive | Aprile 18, 2021

“Debutando o Século XXI” (“Debuting the 21st Century”) is the first EP by the band Hierofantes de Marte (Hierophants from Mars), a tropicália reheated in the internet microwave. It was recorded in 2016, but was not available for streaming until today. The brazilian band of 11 members, was characterized by the warm and festive sound, through the audacious and captivating performance organized by the movement of the voices of Qex Bittencourt and Kevin Brezolin, together with the big band formed by Guilhereme Lopes, Daviana Suares, Chico Lohmann, Cibele Blanco, William Osmarin, Gabriel Amaral, Renan Candieiro, Guilherme Ahum and Diego Acauan.

With the right to a mini-documentary made by Diogo Dubiela, the EP was recorded through an announcement of occupation of the studio of the City Hall of Porto Alegre. Despite having recorded 12 songs, they only finished two before ending their activities. The production is a partnership of the band with Chico Algo, who also signs the mix and master. 
Today, 5 years later and with the autonomy of home production, plus the help of friends, the posthumous album and the band’s namesake will be finalized by the sound engineer Olimpio Machado.

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