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Music Alive | Dicembre 13, 2020

Great grooving rhythms, uplifting melodies and a raw, upbeat energy that just keeps giving — welcome to the funk-fuelled world of Enoki, an emerging artist currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style is bold, daring and impossible to pigeonhole, blurring the line between jazz and neo dance with anthemic hooks and infectious highly danceable beats. He’s known for his electrifying performance style and innate ability to really get the party going with his tracks that are simply brimming with raw untamed energy. Enoki’s influences vary wildly as he continues to experiment in a diverse range of sounds. Raised on a steady diet of rock and MTV pop, he spent much of his youth at café’s with jazz musicians. He became infatuated with electronic and hip-hop music, styles that seep through in his sound which is simply oozing with originality. Some of his major influences include David Bowie and Thom Yorke who inspire him to take more risks with his music and delve into a more daring range of sounds. He notes that music is like oxygen to him and he couldn’t live without it, wth the songwriting often keeping him awake for nights on end. He first got his start after forming a band with his friends and taking the local scene by storm. He spent much of his time behind the microphone with an acoustic guitar. He would mostly work with the groovy basslines of motown and the soulful melodies of soul music, even taking lessons at the first rock school in Belgium. He took over his favourite bar at a young age and soon started his own record label with his best friend. From here he went on to release several synth-pop CD’s under various pseudonyms. He’s currently preparing to launch onto the global music scene with a number of singles that have been gathering dust for sometimes. His latest releases truly show his versatility as an artist. From funk and pop all the way to R&B, soul and hip-hop — there’s something for everyone to enjoy in his slick selection of evergrowing tracks.

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