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Moon Walker- The TV Made Me Do It

Music Alive | Agosto 8, 2021

Since debuting in May 2021, Moon Walker has had quite the ride. In just three months, the LA two-piece has amassed over a quarter of a million Spotify streams and YouTube views, secured over 100 press features, and garnered a fast-growing, loyal following. Their latest offering, “Disturbed Suburbia” is yet another example of why Moon Walker are quickly catapulting themselves to the top of the rock totem pole. The trademark thumping bass grooves and scathing lyricism, with which Moon Walker have built their foundation, are in full swing. The cinematic and thought-provoking music video (directed by lead singer, Harry Springer) perfectly expands their visual image, just as the song expands their sonic landscape. With every release, the duo pulls back the curtain a little bit more, revealing another reason that everyone should be paying attention to Moon Walker.

Using electrifying foot stomper “Tear Down The Wall” as their fuel, Moon Walker crashed onto the scene like a space age rocket. The duo’s undeniable energy and inimitable musical chemistry is the result of over half a decade of playing shows and self-releasing music together. Taking cues from such legends as Bowie, Talking Heads and Led Zeppelin, singer/guitarist Harry Springer and drummer Sean McCarthy have created a fusion of explosive drum grooves and thrashing guitar riffs that is all their own. While listeners might hear traces of funk, post punk, or even kraut rock echoing through debut record “Truth To Power”, one would be left scratching their head for weeks if they sought to limit Moon Walker’s vast soundscape to one genre. With bold, timely lyrics that confront such issues as economic inequality, media sensationalism and social responsibility, Moon Walker has made it clear that they will never shy away from shouting what they believe in. So, listen up, because Moon Walker has a lot to say and they aren’t going anywhere.

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