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Since 2015 we have also been involved in video production, here are some examples!

💻 Audio Spectrum

📷 Lyric, 2D, 3D, Animated or Hand Drawn

📹 With Director

💻 Audio Spectrum

A video audio spectrum is a type of display that graphically represents the different frequencies present in an audio signal. Basically, it shows how the different frequencies contribute to the sound you are listening to.

📷 Lyric, 2D, 3D, Animated or Hand Drawn

A lyric video is a type of video in which the lyrics of a song are displayed in a synchronized manner with the music. This type of video is often created to allow viewers to follow the words of a song as they listen to it.

Lyric videos have become popular in recent years due to the spread of online video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. They are especially useful when the words of a song are unclear or when you want to learn or sing a song precisely.

In lyric video, the lyrics are usually prominently displayed on the screen, often in large, colorful fonts so that they are easy to read. The lyrics can appear in various styles, such as static lyrics, scrolling lyrics, or lyrics that appear and disappear dynamically. The words are synchronized with the music so that they appear and disappear at the right time, so that viewers can follow the text in real time.

In addition to the lyric words, lyric videos can also contain visual elements, such as animated backgrounds, images or graphics that relate to the song content, or even more complex animations.

In addition, animated videos with and/or without lyric lyrics can work very well. Animated visual elements can be used to create engaging and captivating music videos, even without the direct inclusion of lyric lyrics.

Animated videos offer many creative possibilities, allowing the story, mood, or theme of a song to be visualized through the use of animations, illustrations, graphics, or animated characters. This type of video can capture viewers’ attention and convey emotions in a unique way, making the experience of listening to music more engaging and memorable.

Without the lyric, animation can be used to create a visual narrative that aligns with the melody or rhythm of the song. It can depict stories, imaginary landscapes, visual abstractions, or even create a completely original animated world that ties in with the music.

These animated videos can be very popular, especially when they are made with good visual quality and attention to detail. They can be shared on online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or on social media (TikTok and Instagram) to reach a wide audience and increase the visibility of the artist or song.

What’s more, images taken from film stock offer a wide range of options to enrich your video. You can use panoramic shots of stunning landscapes, dynamic action scenes, macro details, or fluid motion sequences, among other possibilities. These images can give a professional cinematic look to your video and make the visual experience more immersive and engaging.

However, when using cinematic stock footage, it is important to respect copyright and usage licenses. Make sure you obtain the necessary permissions or purchase the appropriate licenses for the images you wish to use so that you can legally use them in your video. Rely on us.

📹 With Director

Having a professional videomaker for your official video clip can offer a number of significant benefits. Here are some of the main advantages.

  1. Experience and expertise, a professional video maker will have experience in creating high-quality videos and a thorough knowledge of shooting, editing, and production techniques. They will be able to advise you on best practices and create a video clip that best represents your artistic vision.
  2. Superior visual quality, a professional videographer will have access to high-quality equipment and resources for shooting and editing video. This can lead to superior visual quality, with sharp footage, vibrant colors, and overall high-level production.
  3. Effective visual narrative, professional videomakers are experts in creating an engaging visual narrative. They can help you convey your song’s message clearly and emotionally engaging through the use of effective framing, camera angles, camera movements, and editing.
  4. Professional production and post-production, an experienced videomaker will have a thorough understanding of the production and post-production stages. They will be able to handle technical aspects such as lighting, sound, visual effects and editing in a professional manner, achieving a high-quality end result.
  5. Creativity and originality, a professional videomaker can bring a unique creative touch to your video clip, offering innovative ideas and original visual solutions. They can help you stand out from the crowd and create a video clip that is memorable and distinctive.
  6. Reaching a wider audience: a high-quality, professionally produced video clip is more likely to attract attention and be shared on online platforms and music channels. This can help reach a wider audience and promote your music effectively.
  7. Saving time and energy: working with a professional videomaker allows you to delegate the responsibility of video clip production, allowing you to focus on your music and performance. The videomaker will take care of the technical and visual aspects, saving you time and energy.

Where do we start? Let us hear your music now and tell us your idea! Let’s talk about it without commitment!

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