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Nigel Barker releases final single “HEROIN” from the album “FIVE”

Music Alive | Marzo 24, 2021
INDIE BLUES ROCK – ABSOLUTELY ORIGINAL – Soundguardian. DEFIANT – Reverbnation. JOYOUS – Blues Matters.  London, 12 March 2021 
 SINGLE REVIEW – HEROIN In this latest single Nigel Barker puts himself amongst the likes of Tom Waits and Nick Cave with a soft spoken, hard hitting track. Inspiring music. ROCKALT The storytelling of ‘Heroin’ is second to none as the husky vocals weave an enthralling tale of addiction. There is something in the melody that hooks into your brain and will not move as you listen. It is utterly captivating and you will be sad when it comes to an end. THE OTHER SIDE REVIEWS Different. MAJOR PROMOS MUSICVelvet Underground influence … I love it!ROCK ZONEMy favourite so far! Heroin!MUSIC NON STOP MAGAZINE / AGENCIA 55Majestic atmosphere NICHE MUSICCool video INDIE MUSIC NATIONCool track TOP INDIE ALTCool production GLASSE FACTORY  Rapidly making a name for himself as one of the most exciting blues/rock artists in the UK today, Nigel Barker announces the release of his final single from the album FIVE ‘HEROIN’The track, will be released on all major digital platforms on 26th March 2021.  Barker has been frequently described as a hidden gem of the UK blues scene. With five albums under his belt, how could that be? Nigel says “For a long time I didn’t have the money to promote my releases, in some cases there weren’t even press releases sent out, but my fortunes took a turn for the better and I’ve been able to give these recent releases the oxygen they deserve. Results have surpassed expectations. A lot of great reviews and a lot of good radio play and playlist inclusions”. About this track? “Heroin borrows heavily from the music of Kurt Weill and also The Velvet Underground. It’s a the story of the dangers of heroin addiction”.The album has got plays on Cerys Matthews The Blues Show on BBC Radio 2 and got to number 18 in the IBBA chart Blues Radio chart. The first single video ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ got 10 000 views on Facebook. 
 REVIEWSNigel Barker’s musical output is simply amazing. I’m listening to a symphony. Each new song, a new surprise, a new mood and it’s infectious. Barker is a true music connoisseur who does not hesitate to use anything and everything he has at his disposal to great stylistic effect. Such a fusion is seldom heard and in this clash of styles, we come to musical moments that are inspired. Incredible results! It’s truly great, inspiring and absolutely original music. Check it out!Mladen Loncar – SOUNDGUARDIAN.COM

Gritty harmonica, fuzz guitars, a touch of the Velvet Underground. The album has beautiful production that bears a comparison with Lou Reed. It’s radio- friendly but experiments with all kinds of sounds. From ripping, distorted unexpected guitar solos to a large orchestra and the accelerator is pressed firmly to the floor at all times. You can’t really categorise the album, the diversity of the songs is too great.Walter Vanheuckelom – CONCERTMONKEY.BE

 Exciting intensity and presence throughout. Have you ever sat at a table with Lou Reed, Seasick Steve, Elliott Murphy, Calvin Russell, Johnny Dowd, John Trudell and Lee Clayton? Then rejoice because it’s all here on this album. It’s well produced, hard- hitting and down-to-earth …and the life experience hits you as sharply as does his guitars. This record is something you really do not want to miss! This is more than 220 volts, so be careful not to burn your fingers.Johnny Andreassen – BLUES NEWS NORWAY

Bluesy vocals with a nicely understated guitar. The writing and production are stunning. Just goes to show how rich we are in this country when it comes to talent. Outstanding. 10/10 INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOWCASE
A different approach to the blues whilst still retaining a blues core that once you hear it has you hooked and that continues throughout the entire album, weaving and twisting in and out of blues and blues rock and some psychedelia..It’s unusual, uplifting…joyous. Gets the blood pumping BLUES MATTERS
Nigel Barker – A combination of true grit and grace… that makes the world a better placeBLUES.GR
A great album indeed. ROCKANDBLUES.NL 
   MY UNUSUAL BACKSTORY: “Due to a car accident at the age of 23, whilst working at AIR Montserrat Recording Studios in the West Indies, I injured my left hand and couldn’t play the guitar for nearly thirty years. Twenty years riding a Harley Davidson with a heavy clutch lever brought my hand back to life eight years ago. So in many ways I am restoring the career that was taken away from me…thirty years late.Should I feel bitter about that?… Well no. I’ve adjusted to the fact, but it took time. I had some success writing screenplays and directing movies for a living but to be honest what I do now musically wouldn’t have been technically possible before 2004. That was the time when affordable recording software and vast libraries of virtual instruments became available on a laptop, so as a trained audio engineer it’s not difficult for me to produce high quality recordings from a modest studio in West London. And that’s what I do. I’m five albums into a twelve album project.
The future? I’m looking forward to album six. Gonna do a few covers I think, and I’m making a list. It’s a pretty eccentric list so its taking some time to collect enough tracks to start, but as soon as that list is long enough I’ll get started. Tracks by Dorothy, Black Casino and The Ghost, Eric Johanson, and Damon Fowler are high on the list. Watch this space”! 
 Previous releases:
• The Fourth Album – Love, Death and Everything Inbetween -2018- Nigel Barker Solo album
• Experiments in Popular Music, Whimsy and The Blues- 2016- Cowboy Hat and That Fuzzbox Voodoo• American Cities- 2015- Cowboy Hat and That Fuzzbox Voodoo
• A History of the American West and Other Stories – 2014- Cowboy Hat and That Fuzzbox Voodoo

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