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Onk Lou – Cranes

Music Alive | Novembre 21, 2020

Info ONK Lou Album „Quaterlife“ With „Quarterlife“ Onk Lou releases his 2nd album and even the first tone makes clear – that guy is incredibly talented. He sounds as is if Casper was gifted with the vocal range of Justin Timberlake and the guitar skills of Andy McKee. It’s unbelievable how effortless it seems, when his voice is working through a pop album on the pulse of the time. You want to keep listening and dive into a world of beats and guitars, carried by that unique, raspy but soulful voice of one true exceptional artist. „Quarterlife“ really could be his big break through album in countries other than Austria. In Austria he is a highly appreciated permanent guest on festivals, TV-shows and on the radio. In 2018 he became “Songwriter of the Year” by the “Austrian composers association” (“Österreichischer Komponistenbund”). He also got nominated for the biggest music award in the country in the category “Alternative”, supported the band “Granada” through Germany, Switzerland and Austria and played between 60 and 80 headline shows per year. His single “In The Morning” went on heavy rotation on all radio stations in the country. Yet Lukas Weiser, Onk Lou’s civil name, appears more like a humble guy. A rather short, beardy man enters the stage, tunes his guitar, takes a scrutinizing look through the crowd and starts his first song. The crowd goes quiet and listens to him eagerly. At the end: Thunderous applause and countless fans more. As a street artist he earned his bugs from Russia to Spain and possibly played every bar with more than 2 seats in it. Laughter is Onk Lou’s secret weapon, he likes to fool around and doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s what makes him a much appreciated interview partner. Always laughter ahead, always a witty joke on hand – similar to his new album: Humorous, lively and always up for surprises. Just as life is. Already the opener „Cranes” assures you, he is not doing things halfway. That song keeps marching as if there was no tomorrow and soaks you into the album. From that moment on you’re on a wild, poppy trip that keeps you excited and holds on to you like Bubblegum. At times souly then dreamy, all of a sudden dancy and rock’n’roll … Little by little those 10 songs get stuck in your ears, conquer your mind and leave you with just one feeling: Repeat! For „Quarterlife“ Onk Lou joined forces with producer Kevin Lehr, who himself has a successful producer-project called “Lost”. Together they’ve created a wonderful peace of art to have no rival. Also worth watching is the documentary “Curtains closed: Concerts in a locked up world.” (Vorhang zu: Konzerte in einer geschlossenen Welt”). In summer 2020 during the corona-pandemic when regular concerts were far from possible, Onk Lou and his cameraman Robert Ziffer-Teschenbruck jumped on their bikes and cycled all through Austria to play garden- and living-room-concerts. A wonderfully, touching piece of history that shows how important live music is to us. Onk Lou track by track on his album “Quarterlife” 1) Cranes My city is beautiful, crazy and colourful. In my city everybody is welcome, no matter if you’re a top manager, working on a shift or if you’re not working at all. But if apartments and houses are only built for vacancy to make the rich even richer and the only affordable options are either to leave or to take the 71 down to the central graveyard, it seems to me as if the cranes that are hanging over my city are becoming vultures lurking and waiting for you to fail. 2) Penemies It’s that moment when you’re lying down in bed and for whatever reason you’re not falling asleep quickly enough and all of a sudden your brain starts digging up all those long gone stories … But never the cool ones. It’s always those stories when you made a mistake or how you could have won an argument if so and so and so … At that time my memories are becoming my past enemies. 3) Whatcha Say Even the strongest of us have their moments where they start comparing themselves to unachievable fantasies and feel like they’re not good enough. In those times it’s always crucial to have someone to tell you that it’s all gonna be okay and that most of your troubles are just going on in your head and that that someone keeps repeating those things until you start believing them yourself. 4) Like 16 Sometimes we tend to think that most of our “firsts” are already lying behind us. But it’s the people we’re doing those things with. Spending an awesome time with your loved ones or falling in love will never feel the same way. I think it’s important to never stop trying to catch the next wave, even if at times you get washed back: You stand back up, remember the good stuff, learn from the bad stuff and it will always feel like16 when the next wave is about to be caught. 5) Natural High I know that most of the time I can’t be with you because of me egoistically pursuing the goal of making a name for myself out there. But all highways and backstreets will lead me under your bedsheets because you are my natural high. 6) Grey Goose Take me as I am! Sometimes I’m fancy like Grey Goose, sometimes I’m like cheap booze in barrels. But that’s not who I am. I’m looking inside you and I like what’s in there. I like your interior. 😀 7) Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not beautiful the way you are. You shine from the inside if you can only love and respect yourself. The internet is sick and should shut the f*** up! 8) For the Record The desperate attempt of saving a dysfunctional relationship in where arguments are often ending in you leaving the room to flee from the fact that you have nothing left to say to each other. After a while you come back and say sorry for … you don’t even know what, only to delay a discussion about the main problem, because you don’t want to be alone. 9) Lush Life The optimism and carefreeness of youth is one of the most precious presents in life. You think you can conquer the world and that none of the adults can talk you out of that. Growing up yourself you might recognise that your life so far was you sitting in the backseat with your parents on the wheel and that life now is more like you sitting in the front seat driving through the dark with no navigation searching for signs in the streetlights. Life is a wild ride – enjoy! 10) Luna If even to the moon I howl my pain, there will be the sun that comes shining. The sun is you. This is the era of the sun. ONK LOU – QUARTERLIFE TOUR 14.03.2021 München, Zehner (DE) 15.03.2021 Stuttgart, NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL (DE) 17.03.2021 Köln, Lichtung (Club)(DE) 18.03.2021 Hamburg, Häkken (DE) 19.03.2021 Berlin, Privatclub (DE) 25.03.2021 Wien, Szene. (AT) 26.03.2021 Graz, PPC (AT) 27.03.2021 Linz, Posthof (AT) 31.03.2021 Salzburg Rockhouse (AT) 01.04.2021 Dornbirn, Spielboden (AT) Onk Lou – Quarterlife Artist: Onk Lou Album: Quarterlife Release: 27.11.2020 Labelcode: LC-52386 Label: Karmarama Distribution: Sony Music Publishing: Bernhard Kaufmann Musikverlag Facebook:

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