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There’s actually quite a bit we can say about new-comer Cat Marina. He’s 22 years old and already been in many bands. Previous music of his has been playlisted on radio 1. He’s toured with Shura and even wrote a song for smash computer game Pro Evo Soccer. But this is something new and it’s only the beginning, yet with a feature on a Blowsom track along the way. So, as it’s only the beginning, Hugh himself wanted to introduce Cat Marina… “This is my project cat marina, this was going to be a band but I ran out of band members to work with, so I produced some tunes I wrote in my bedroom, and sampled some birds and a coffee shop along the way. I’m calling my upcoming EP ‘Elephant Things’, as my mum likes elephants and I like my mum; but really it’s a bit a of a dive-bomb into introspection. There’s some lines about playing call of duty, as well as trying to hack an ex girlfriends facebook, but for me I guess it’s a little more existential than that.” Hugh aka Cat Marina

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