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Peter Lake – Black Corridor

Music Alive | Giugno 5, 2021

Lake tells the story: “It’s odd to be living in a physical space where you once made all of these memories and have all of these emotional experiences, yet they don’t exist anywhere but in your mind. Black Corridor is based on the concept of two worlds: the outside world, and your inside world. The outside world is what you experience the second you step outside your home, or when you aren’t with your significant other. The inner world is what you create with someone you love, a safe space with your inside jokes, and growth between the two of you. When the inside world suddenly turns dark when your significant other leaves you, you’re left in this black hole, or as I call it, a black corridor. Especially when you’re young, your inner world with your significant other becomes your everything, and watching it crash down while the outside world around you is as chaotic as it is, was detrimental to me. One of my favorite lines from the song is ‘Pages and pages blank, I erased you…’ It’s interesting how we cope with pain in certain situations. In this case, I tried to erase all of the love and time I had invested into my significant other, but it ended up more lonely that way. Life isn’t supposed to be lived in this constant state of loneliness, especially when I look around and see others living in light. This “new surprise” I talk about in the song really saved me. She showed me that light, helped me perceive things in a new way, and through that I really found myself again. All in all, the verses have quite a dark tone to them, symbolizing the grimness of that period in my life, while the chorus has a brighter and more positive sound, showing the optimism of that new surprise.” Lake’s music serves as a medium to “makes someone’s day better”, and he hopes to continue to reach his fans with lyrics that resonate and inspire. This will be the final single Lake releases before his first EP, “Yellow”, drops in late July of 2021.

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