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Photøgraph, the best music

Music Alive | Luglio 7, 2020

The three of us were born in the Paris Suburbs, we grew up together. We used to kill time playing football or rehearsing in our parents’ dusty basement. We spent afternoons listening to vinyl records before myspace showed up. The concert venues were our main attraction on weekend evenings. Photøgraph is our latest project together; we take great care of it, as we want it to remain true and meaningful. Each song is about a moment or an emotion. It’s about love, violence, nostalgia and today’s society. We are producing pop music that we want synthetic, dynamic, positive and shiny. We consider ourselves as an Electronic and Rock music band in which you can hear Breakbot’s funky touch or huge synth pads just like Tame Impala’s music or Damon Albarn’s production in Gorillaz. David Bowie and Metronomy’s art also deeply influence our creations. Photøgraph is about growing independently. It’s all homemade. Our artist friends work on graphic design, photographs, the website, sound-engineering, live production and more. We think as a family and it would not feel the same if it was made differently. Production : Ecstatic Playground & Complice Music Label & Edition : Complice Music Mixing : Adrien Graf From CSB Records Mastering : Benjamin Weber Art director & graphic designer : Patricia Therrachon Website : https://www.photø Youtube :øgraphvideo Facebook :øgraphmusic Instagram : Soundcloud :øgraphsoundcloud

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