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PSYCHO – Maxyme

Music Alive | Aprile 21, 2021

t only 18 years old, Maxyme is on musical industry chessboard! Maxyme is now back with a new single in English called Psycho and a bilingual version Plus folle que toi (Psycho). The song is available on all digital platforms since March 12, 2021. The song is already enjoying great success on Canadian radio stations. After doing The Voice in France in 2020, a duet with Kimotion and getting over 3.1 million views of his blind audition in front of the judges with the play 7 Rings, Maxyme recently presented a new single called Checkmate ! A lot of teamwork on this fantastic Pop / R&B genre song. We worked on this single with Maxyme a few months ago with some of the most talented collaborators! A contract offer for sync (TV or film placement) of the English version by the American music publisher Ammar Music Group is on the table. The song (v.f.) was released on radio stations in 2020 in Canada. Following this launch, Maxyme was selected to be the future star of the month for October on iHeart Radio on the large network Rouge FM in Canada. The song climbed to the TOP 100 BDS charts in Quebec in 23rd, in 22nd on TOP 100 in the small and medium markets in Canada and also ranked at 6th on the charts of the Franco Pop channel on Stingray. Maxyme will be releasing a new single called Psycho on March 12, 2021 and also a bilingual version called Plus folle que toi (Psycho).

EARLY AGE Maxyme is a singer-songwriter born in November 2002 in the town of Bromont and is presently living in the town of Bromont, Quebec. Humming before she could even speak, she has been singing daily from morning to night starting since she was a youngster! COMPETITIONS In 2009, Maxyme began taking singing lessons and continues to do so to this day. In 2010, for the first time, Maxyme performed in public. That experience lit a fire inside of her and gave her a taste for more! The following year, in 2011, she was a finalist at the Festival de la chanson de St-Ambroise and then again in 2012. Also in 2012, in a singing competition for 8 to 12-year-olds that took place during the Mondial Loto-Québec show in the city of Laval, she was chosen as the public’s first choice and won the Talents En Nord competition as best singer. In June 2013 on the Mondial Loto-Québec de Laval stage, she opened for the well-known Quebec music group les Cowboys Fringants. In 2015, she was a semi-finalist at the Festival des Laurentides and the Petit Festival de Granby. Busy teenager singer that Maxyme. She has also participated in several shows in the region where she lives. Among them, Du Talent Pour La Vie, Jeune Relève Bromontoise, Super Spectacle for Operation Enfant Soleil and La Revue Musicale Glee Style. In June 2015, in front of more than 12,000 people, she participated in the Quebec National Day of festivities show in Granby. In 2016, as a participant in La Voix Junior, and part of Marie-Mai’s team, she demonstrated remarkable vocal flexibility to the benefit of her team. In August 2018, Maxyme released the song Changer tout ça, a song about bullying and hope. In the same month, in front of thousands of people, Maxyme opened the Jacques Rougeau Family Show at the IGA Stadium in Montreal with Changer tout ça. More recently, in 2020, Maxyme crossed the ocean over to France to try her luck on the popular The Voice singing competition. During, what is called “the blind auditions”, she was selected by the judges and continued her adventure on the program with the internationally known female signer Lara Fabian. The video-clip made of Maxyme singing Ariana Grande’s song Seven Rings has been viewed more than 2,400,000 times to date and counting. SONGWRITER Maxyme has written several song lyrics, including the singles Never Give Up, Chapter X and Checkmate. She has a bright future ahead of her and is greatly interested both in composing her own songs as well as writing with other talented songwriters. LEARNING GUITAR/SHOOTS Following in the footsteps of her mother and little brother, in 2020 Maxyme decided to start to learn to play guitar. In addition to that and everything else she has been doing, she has managed to find time to participate in a few shoots — including in the short film Let Go by by award-winning filmmaker Isabel Dréan, an advertisement put out by Red Carpet Studios and in a music video by the artist Valade. SINGING LESSONS Striving to always improve herself, Maxyme is presently continuing her vocal development with Kevin Bazinet (winner of La Voix 3) and taking coaching lessons with the highly regarded Marla Joy and Joanie Rouselle (La Voix 1 and 2). Wanting to share her talent and singing knowledge, she is herself a vocal development teacher giving singing lessons to young singers enrolled in the Musikarts Academy music school owned by her parents.

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