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How to Publish and Promote Your Music and/or News Online for Free in Italy

You want to share your news, promote your music or the news of an event. Since 2015 there is Music-Alive, the best Italian platform (completely free) where artists, bands and insiders can sign up for free and publish every single post, release, song, videoand much more.

How it works?

On the Homepage you will find a text field that reads “CONDIVIDI QUI LINK VIDEO YOUTUBE / BRANO SPOTIFY

Enter the link to your YouTube video (just type it in or paste it from the clipboard) and hit “INIZIA SUBITO” or, if you don’t have a link to a YouTube video, if you just want to post and promote text and/or photos click “CONTINUA SENZA LINK“. Easy!

You are now at step 2 (practically halfway through) where we allow you to enrich your article with more links. “HAI PIÙ LINK?Enrich your statement for free, then paste in as many links as you see fit… We, personally, recommend that you include the link to your Spotify track. Since it is free space: why not take advantage of it?

As you see here you can add as many links as you want by clicking that “Aggiungi Link” below the text field. Don’t be shy and enter as many links as you can!

Okay, click “Avanti“. Now we are down to the Title and Images. Have you ever seen a good article without a good image? Have you ever been caught by a title that doesn’t work?

Let’s start right away: enter the title, think of a title that you first would want to read and that if you found it you would want to click on it because you were intrigued! “Inserisci il titolo” and remember that it must not exceed 120 characters.

Well, now it’s the turn of the image: remember that quality images work on the web (we recommend a good PNG or JPG that enlarges it and doesn’t lose sharpness) and even better if it’s horizontal. Ah, another tip: don’t apply writing and/or logos in the image, the title should catch the eye and the image should give more quality to your message!Carica copertina” and remember that it must not exceed 1MB. If you don’t know how to resize your image we recommend this tool, Resize Image. Free of course!

Text and End: we are practically two steps away from your first publication, the best thing is that you have realized that it is easy, the even better thing is that you will soon realize that it is all really free. Let’s start by entering the text of the “Breve Estratto” a small summary or a part of the same text that you are sure will catch the eye! Maximum 300 characters.

Now it’s your turn to “Tag“: type in the tag word and hit enter. Tags are critical to the ranking of your article, so achieve maximum results by leaving as many keywords as possible!

*Scegli un Genere musicale (Choose a Music Genre): okay, is it a generic article not related to a specific music genre? Then choose the “News / Media” heading. If, on the other hand, it is a music news item and you think it can be described by a particular genre, select it.

Here we go, the last and also the best part: the Testo (text). Here you can really indulge yourself! We at Music-Alive have thought of just about everything, the lyrics editor is complete with every tool there is. We want to make a difference in helping you promote your single, album, event, etc.

As you can clearly see (1) there are to your left, in the menu bar, three dots horizontally. Clicking on the three dots will open a (2) extension of the same menu bar that will allow you to have special functions such as: Fullscreen (to put full screen), Preview (to have a detailed preview), Insert/Edit Image (to add and edit as many images), Insert/Edit Media (to add and edit as much media content), Insert/Edit Link (to add and edit as many hyperlinks), etc.

Remember that once you edit the text in fullscreen mode you will have to re-click the same symbol to return to step 4.

Great, do you need to edit and/or double-check anything? Indietro (back). If, on the other hand, everything is perfect as you wanted it and you are ready to spread the word to all our followers (to all potential listeners and/or interested in the news) out there all you have to do is click “Salva e Continua“!



At this point you have concluded: DO YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT? Log in to complete the release!

If, on the other hand, this is your first release and you are not yet registered: REGISTRATI, è GRATIS! (it means: register now, it’s free). We have also done a tutorial on How to Register for Free on our website.

If it’s your first release and you’ve just registered you will now see the following appear: “SEI SODDISFATTO DELL’ANTEPRIMA?

Well, if it’s all the way you wanted it click “Pubblica il Comunicato, è Gratis!” otherwise click “Modifica” to your liking until it’s all the way you want it! Remember: don’t rush, this article will be used to promote something of yours! Make it “awesome!”

This is your dashboard, the control panel where you can Anteprima (Preview), Modifica (Edit) and/or Cancella (Delete) your article at any time. As you can see, your release has a status (in the example above it is “pubblicato”, published) and a creation date.

If you don’t have to delete anything and don’t have to put any further hand in, we’ve come to the best part…. the free promotion. Oh yes, you don’t want to leave it there, do you? Now you have to put your news out there!

So click Preview (Anteprima) and then right away on “Promote Release”, Promuovi Comunicato!

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now a window has opened up for you where you can copy the link (to the clipboard), share it directly to all your social media and even send it to as many emails as you want through our portal! Imagine the people who will receive in their personal email your statement sent directly from, isn’t that cool!!!? Let’s get started…

Condividi Link“: serves to copy it to the clipboard and paste it to your liking.

Condividi sui Social“: serves to. share with one click on all social networks.

Invia Tramite Mail” instead has two options: the “Free Publication” (Pubblicazione Gratis, where you can send the emails yourself in a professional way, as we said before) or the “Pro Publication” (Pubblicazione Pro, paid), where your release will be taken care of by us, processed, reviewed, published and with guaranteed results (publications, conversions, views to the video included in the same, listens to the attached song…). For Pro Publication, it is always best to contact us and request info without obligation via email or WhatsApp. But back to Free Publishing, Clicking Invia Email

Here is up to you! You could change the “Email Subject Line” (Oggetto Email) to something that immediately catches the eye! Remember that many emails get trashed because the subject line looks like Spam or doesn’t catch the recipient’s interest, do your best!

Now you can move on to the “Short Message” (Breve Messaggio) again don’t dwell on it too much since it is the landing on the article that must be your primary goal, so write something that will surely make the person who receives that email click!

Here we go, who do you want to send it to?Enter email addresses” (Inserisci indirizzi email) and click that “+ Add Recipient” (+ Aggiungi Destinatario) to add as many addresses as possible! Remember that sending to contacts is the final piece that cannot be underestimated. You’ve created your news bomb: are you really sure it’s worth keeping it in the drawer or sending it only to yourself to read only you? Start making a difference now and remember…

…in case you want to use all our professionalism to improve your articles, build your image, give an organic and/or ADS boost to your music, get assured radio passages and guaranteed radio interviews, you can always take advantage of our services you find in the Marketplace. It doesn’t cost anything to talk about it, if you want to write to us do it and without commitment.

Written by Mattia Pavanetto (Founder) – Music-Alive 2023 ®

This site is exclusively in the Italian language. The page has been translated to assist your reading.

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