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R U Still Dreamin’? (feat. Luca Pedroni)

Music Alive | Giugno 19, 2021

“I plan to produce by the beginning of 2022 the remaining 9 songs of my first Album “R U Still Dreamin’?” (the single gives the name to the album)”

“I was born December 30, 1971 in Varese, 60 Km North West direction from Milan (Italy), close to “Lago Maggiore” (Major Lake). In 1996 I had the chance to start a Pop-Rock career but having studied Computer Science (PhD), I took the “reasonable way” and left my “heart path” behind. In the middle arrived an unexcpected French life in Paris: French Wife, career in the New Technology business environment, 4 sons, 2 dogs, 2 hamsters… One fine day, beginning of 2019, just before the pademic, I woke up with a terrible feeling of having left behind a part of my life: Pop-Rock music. All my friends in the band 25 years before became all great, well know musicians (guitarist, bass-man, drummer, …) and I said to myself that I had to move as fast as possible to put together the album I could realize 25 years ago. This is how the single “R U Still Dreamin’?” got born. Now since jan 2021, when the single was published, I have been overwhelmed by my “regular” job and only now I can start to think about marketing it and recording the other 9 songs (already arranged and ready to be recorded). To know more about me from a professional point of view you can look at my linkedin profile: Let’s continue to dream together! Regards, Luke (Luca)”

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