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Music Alive | Agosto 31, 2020

“I have always played music for myself, without really taking it out of my room. Today my ambitions have changed!“ Simno is a Swiss-born electronic music composer. He grew up to the rhythms of the 80s. From his early age his parents had him discover a passion for melodies. As a child already he compiled to audio cassettes passages of his favourite music on his parents’ hi-fi system To make transitions, he played with the small equalizer button, raising and lowering the volume very quickly and doing so, discovering audio effects. When he stumbles upon his parents’ old record player left in the back of the attic, he is fascinated by the power of speeding up or slowing down the sound playback and even playing songs backwards. Captivated by such creative possibility, young Simno discovered a passion, musical composition. Simno started as a hip-hop beatmaker / songwriter. Over the years, he joined the rap group “Los Brakos” with whom he discovered the scene and the ambition to get out of projects. The desire awakened to share his music globally. Being passionate about hip-hop culture, he is now moving towards electronic music, mixing several universes. He draws his inspiration from a wide musical universe, influenced by the synthesizers’ sounds of the 80’s, passing through funk and disco and spiced-up with hip-hop groove. You find in his compositions a mixture of styles and eras. His music directly reflects his state of mind, mood and emotions painting a portrait of his personality. In 2020, he releases his first self-produced project. He calls this 5-track EP Prologue, and that’s just the beginning.

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