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Digital reggae defines Amaro Mann’s new EP, the solo project by the musician Leo Marinho from Paraíba (Brazil), recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic and features the hits “Mergulho em La Herradura”, “Coisa boa dub”, “A Cura ”Tarde em Macaco Beach ”.

It was during the Covid-19 pandemic that Amaro Mann, the solo project of Brazilian musician and producer Leo Marinho, focused on producing something new, aimed at making social isolation lighter and less chaotic. But “Refúgio”, a title strategically chosen by the musician, is not only for those who choose to slow down in the midst of difficult days: it also represents an release valve used by the artist for himself, who sees art as one of the main salvations in dark periods, being a tool of struggle, hope and relief.

And it is in this context that the new EP “Refúgio” is released, with 4 striking tracks, with emphasis on Mergulho em La Herradura, single released in early April and already played a lot on the main music platforms in the world, such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. Released by the virtual label Hominis Canidae REC, the album also stands out for its high sound quality, with the combination of elements used in its creation: It has guitar, bass, synthesizers, programs, samplers and even melodica, an instrument commonly used in reggae, characterized by its pleasant tone. In addition to a whole different arrangement, the EP also has a Dub version of a single produced by Amaro Mann in 2020 with the singer Potiguar Zé Caxangá, one of the most active musicians in the music scene in Rio Grande do Norte, with experience in projects such as Luísa e os Alquimistas, Orquestra Greiosa, Angela Castro e Buena Onda.

Cover of the EP “Refúgio”, by Amaro Mann. Art by: Filosofino.
Composed and produced by Amaro Mann, “Refúgio” is an excellent choice for those who want to escape a little from external noise and feel immersed in a sound that relaxes while reassuring safety, but at the same time being instigating and dancing: “Whoever works with music is having to work hard to stay active, looking for opportunities, collaborative creations and other ways to create and sell your art. For me, ‘Refúgio’ represents the resilience of the category, its submission, love, tranquility, peace and spirituality. I hope it is all that and much more for those who listen to it, providing moments of joy and the purest rest ”, reports Amaro Mann.
The mastering of the EP “Refúgio” is by Adriano Leão, from Casa do Kaos studio.

Amaro Mann is a solo project by musician and producer Leo Marinho, also known as a member of the bands Cabruêra and Burro Morto.
The Amaro Mann project started in 2017, when Leo Marinho, passionate about the combination of the various aspects of reggae, decided to create creative experiments, resulting in Digital Reggae, a lively and relaxing mixture of various aspects of reggae, combining organic instruments with electronics.

The musician is also a member of the Orijàh group, joining beatmaker Big Jesi, Mc Filosofino and VJ Rieg, a mix of digital reggae and hip hop.
In 2020, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amaro Mann started producing the EP “Refúgio”, where he translated his need of swing and lightness, while wanting to escape a little from the whirlwind of tragic information and surrender to the fourth art in the safety of his home, relaxing on the sofa in the living room and feeling every beat.

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