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Regulus Red

Music Alive | Agosto 30, 2020

International, queer, electropop: Regulus Red is the new unabashedly authentic kid on the block. A reckless daydreamer for whom music and fashion are a statement, a means of liberation from a frightened society. Of an Italian-Welsh descent, his heritage would be incomplete without mentioning the likes of Lorde, Lady Gaga, Stromae, Mika, P!nk and Robyn – just a few of the artists who inspire Red’s music with their fearless sense of self and powerful lyrics. The visual expression of his music is essential in understanding what he is about, be it the visual mixtape ‘Great To Be Alive’ which he dropped in early July or the lockdown video he co-created with his fans during lockdown. “I’m just a kid with too many feelings and music was always my friend” With the LGBTQ+ community right by his side and with Edith Piaf in his heart, he embodies equal measures of the feminine and masculine world. But when did it all start? He began writing in Barcelona, Spain. He waited tables during the day and wrote lyrics at night, biking to solitary rocky spots on the beach. Gazing at the dark blue horizon, one song led to another until he realized that what he had was more than just a mere hobby: he would close his eyes and picture melodies and lyrics making love at once right in front of him. After two years of honing his skills, he has now written more than 45 complete songs. His debut EP is coming out at the beginning of September, and with Future Humans as the main producer, you better buckle up. “Inspiration does exist. But it must find you working.”

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