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Roberto Hendrigo – Mapa (feat. Edu Ardanuy)

Music Alive | Febbraio 12, 2021

Mapa is the first single of his third album “Oráculo” (Oracle in English) and it is featuring Edu Ardanuy who was ranked one of the “top 10 greatest guitar player” by Guitar Player Magazine. The single will be out the 12th of February

Roberto Hendrigo is that kind of artist that will capture you from the beginning. He is not just a truly skilled guitar player, but he also has charisma and a depth that will make you listen to his music for its pervasive effect: “music for me is an expression of emotions which words and other arts can’t express. Is one of the languages of the soul” (Roberto Hendrigo). Originally from Curitiba, Brazil, Hendrigo started playing guitar at the young age of 13. Influenced by the gods of rock such as Eddie Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Steve Vai, Edu Ardanuy, Dream Theater, Pantera, since he was 15 he started playing in several tribute bands, treading in the musical footsteps of his idols. Hendrigo always considered his guitar as an extension of his soul creating music inspired by moments of his life, memories, hopes and everything in between. His mastery of the instrument led him to get 2 endorsements: the first from the guitar Brazilian brand “Artwood” (until the retirement of the owner) and currently by the Russian guitar company “Kononykheen”. He released his first solo album “Sons” in 2017, followed in 2019 by “Enjoy” and he is currently about to release his third album “Oráculo” (Oracle in English) which is intended as a journey of self-discovery. Roberto Hendrigo is currently part of different music projects and bands like Kepher and Jericho. His first single from his latest work will be the song Mapa featuring one if his idol Edu Ardanuy. “I believe in trying to be better every day, to overcome yourself always” and that is what Roberto Hendrigo’s music will do to its listener; as a sort of cathartic experience, his music is made to make you connect to your feelings while discovering your inner self: music made to speak to your soul.

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