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TAG x Pitbull – Backpack

Music Alive | Settembre 9, 2020

Our cohort is Green Alpha, our delights taste different, our apetite for pleasure and humor is vast, our natures differ but are united by the hedonism that we share, ouronly creed is being true to ourselves – we are The Anti Group, we are TAG! The summer of 2020 bangs not only with a new project but with a new vision on music and its philosophy!Thepast might suggest that music ‘s value lies in poetry, in the meaning of the lyrics, in their uplifting power or, going the opposite direction, in the crazy beats that make us forget about the mundane and entertain, bpm coordinating with heart beat. Cardio music for the soul, not always having the courage to transpose the freedom of music into lyrics. Let’s change all of that! Let’s have the courage to have fun! Start assuming our true thirst of fun thatcan sometimes be just that – no hidden poetry agenda, no hidden soulful pleasures. Take yourself for what you are! Recognize your need for decadent entertainment, your passion for beautiful curvy bodies, your taste for opulence, your free spirit, the images that intermingle in your wildest dreams: palm trees, sweaty bodies, the ocean, golden pleasures, all with a twist of humos. There’s power in that! We are not superficial! We are true to ourselves! We will party! We will dance and sweat and our attitude will intoxicate and corrupt you. Come along on our first adventure – pur your backpack on, it’s gonna be a curvy ride!

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