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Temper – Moonlight

Music Alive | Luglio 9, 2020

You probably never heard this name before, but more than 150.000 people have already seen him on stage. After being part of the post-rock band “Bruit”, Luc Blanchot, an electronic music producer, a cellist and a singer from Toulouse (France) now reveals his solo project : TEMPER. Last winter, the young multi-instrumentalist published 3 video clips, out of time, with bewitching electronic melodies and textures. TEMPER played his live show in plenty of French Zeniths and in Bercy, where he played before and on stage with Bigflo & Oli, top French rappers, with whom he toured for a year. ‘Ecstasy’, one of these three instrumental tracks, will be released June the 12th. Its video clip is already a nominee at the 2020′ London Music Video Festival. A first EP, with only vocals this time, will be released July the 10th. An artist and his universe to discover quickly. Genre : Deep electronic, chill, melodic, indie. Similar Artists : James Blake, Rone, Son Lux, Chet Faker, Flume…

T E M P E R (Luc Blanchot) is a cellist, composer, sound architect and singer. Trained at Toulouse Music Conservatory, Luc took the time to learn & observe, in order to let his project mature enough. “My classical training is very useful to me: when you go all the way, you bend the rules a bit and you also manage to take distance, this is the best school there is. I’ve always composed and done MAO (computer aided music) but about 2 years ago, I felt that I was finally ready. ” Listening to the first songs revealed by Temper, we can only agree. “Beyond”, released in 2018, and then the YouTube trilogy “New York”, “Ecstasy” and “Wounds”, all have this ability to propel the listener into a captivating and fascinating universe. The textures, climates and reliefs of these pieces provide the roadmap for a journey to a place that is both familiar and completely unknown. “My music is not dancing … but I would like people to dance to it,” smiles Luc. Great lover of film soundtracks (like Interstellar, by Hans Zimmer or Akira, by Yamashiro), lulled by the sonic research of Radiohead, the experiments of Rone, the autumnal lights of James Blake and the American group Son Lux – for their ability to embrace in the same spirit classical, contemporary, pop or hip-hop music, Temper was inspired by these talents to assert his musical landscape, and knows how to use music as a playground with multiple and infinite possibilities. “I wanted to make a complex but accessible project, to bring people to a colorful place, a music other than the one we hear everywhere today. Son Lux does this wonderfully well. When I discovered them, I said to myself: that’s what I want to do. ” First in the post-rock group Bruit, Luc was able to give free rein to his desires for experimentation. In parallel, patient and rigorous, cartesian in his approach to music, he worked on his solo project Temper for a long time, of which he is the soul and the guiding force. It is the long friendship which binds him to Florian Ordonez (Bigflo) which gave the decisive impetus to the take-off of the Temper project, which the rapper will decide to produce. Many evenings for two years, Temper has performed the first part of the two brothers on their tour, from the Zénith to Bercy (he also accompanies the Toulouse rap duet as a cellist on their show): “I build my live without time out, like a live set, with a very rock side in a way. I want it to be energetic, violent at times, for the audience to take their ears full, for them to want to imagine their own emotions.” The introduction to the public started through these concerts and videos distilled on Youtube, while the first Temper Ep will be released this summer. After several instrumental songs, ‘Your Face Won’t Tell’ gives voice to five beautifully chiseled compositions, including the single ‘Moonlight’. Festivals and lives will follow as soon as the normal course of things can resume, but Temper is ready to share his music to the world. And when such an exciting and gifted boy says he’s ready, we can’t wait to listen to him.

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