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Music Alive | Luglio 1, 2020

TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE featuring the single ‘Unexpected Guests’ and the album UNEXPECTED GUESTS “..a musically compelling drum-centric ensemble….” THE WHOLE NOTE Life’s greatest joys come from its simplest pleasures: Close friends. Great music. New experiences. You’ll find them all — plus plenty of surprises — in Unexpected Guests, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble’s seventh album. That is no accident, says TTE founder Ritesh Das. “This album is a simple one,” states the 62-year-old tabla virtuoso, composer and educator who leads the Juno-nominated ensemble. “Most of the tracks are in very straightforward 4/4 grooves. On our other albums, you had tracks with different time signatures that made it really intellectual and complicated. But I wanted this one to be something that anyone can sit back and listen to.” And he means anyone. Along with delivering their most approachable songs, Unexpected Guests offers their most collaborative work. The album finds TTE hosting a party of visitors: Enter The Haggis bagpiper Craig Downie, Taiko Ensemble Nagata Shachu, multi-instrumentalist George Koller, violinist Raaginder Singh Momi, flautist Alysha Addetia, singer Maryem Hassan Tollar and more. Not what you expect? That’s no accident either. “I don’t do traditional Indian music,” Das explains. “What I do is take the essence of it — the songs and sounds of North Indian classical music — and I blend it with other styles. To me, there’s no such thing as world music. Music is music. And when I started the ensemble in 1991…I wanted to collaborate and make a statement that tabla could be played with any kind of instrument or any kind of form. Over the years, I’ve done everything from jazz to rock ’n’ roll.” Das and the TTE have mesmerized audiences in Canada, India and Australia. They’ve released seven albums and were nominated for a JUNO for 2000’s with Firedance. They teamed with Tea Party frontman Jeff Martin for the 2007 DVD Live At The Enmore Theatre. Their compositions have been licensed for commercials, films, and theme music. Their 2018 album Bhumika earned a Global Music Award an Independent Music Award and nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards. TTE have grown to include a youth ensemble and film/video division led by Melissa Das-Arp. Throughout it all, Das has never lost sight of the simple joy that drew him to tabla decades ago: The instrument’s enigmatic, wondrous sound. “I don’t know exactly what it is about that sound,” he admits. “And I don’t think I want to know. Because if I do know, I think I’ll die.” WHAT THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT PRIOR RELEASES…. “ instrumental beat ballad with a penchant for the provocative….ambitious musicality and compositional wit..’ INDIE SHARK “Chill-inducing percussion….Haunting harmonies…one of the lushest instrumental recordings of the young fall season….a groove-laden symphony of percussive textures…” INDIE MUSIC REVIEWS “Your appreciation of the song’s quality will only deepen with each pass-through…” DAILY POP NEWS “…exotic to no end…a unique piece of material that reaches out to us in the most human of manner…” MUSIC EXISTENCE ”…fresh rhythmic paths… “Dream Symposium” invites repeated listening.” DAILY DOSE REPORT “…an evocative work of percussive musical art…” MOBANGELES “…tantalizing … a simple and straight-forward narrative ending with a pleasant twist….soulful and thoughtful music …” THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST “…this is as robust a work of art as an excerpt of divine poetry…” NEUFUTUR “….fearlessly progressive…“Dream Symposium” dares to be different…” GASHOUSE RADIO “..the multifaceted musical collective explores an ancient beat with a cultural dignity that isn’t often found on the airwaves nowadays…one of the most seamless performances of the year…a chemistry between artists that comes in second to none…” TOO MUCH LOVE “…percussive prowess and anthemic, groove-based charisma..unique and cinematically engaging..” VENTS “The melodic elements in this track are stunning…” INDIEPULSE MUSIC “…this single is required listening…..a single that belongs in the spotlight around the world right now…” THE INDIESOURCE “…a staggered symphonic opus… jubilantly colorful and crisp…” SKOPEMAG For more information please contact: INTERNATIONAL PR Last Tango Productions Ltd./Yvonne Valnea/Elijah B. E: P: 416-538-1838

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