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Tullamarine – Then Billy Said/ What Billy Said Next

Music Alive | Febbraio 17, 2021

With the release of ‘Stratosphere’, their three-track EP released in October 2020, Tullamarine invited you to share and explore their assertive, melancholic sound world. They now invite to discover the full extent of their universe with the release of new album ‘Frequency’. This a collection of seventeen tracks that allows you to experience Tullamarine’s complex sound world, from memories of clubbing to expansive soundscapes, interspersed with modernist tracks and beat work with echoes of 90s alternative hip hop and IDM.

Tullamarine is an electronica duo based in two studios in London. Formed in 2015, writers/producers Adam Young, England-born, and Joss Armitage, New Zealand by birth, have been friends for twenty years but always made music separately. Through the fog of late-night conversations and half-formed ideas, the two came together to create Tullamarine. Both being fans of Eno’s Oblique Strategies, the initial idea was to creatively push each other beyond themselves through experimentation and remote collaboration, in order to better their respective music. Sharing two, four or eight-bar snippets, and never working physically together in the same studio, ideas gradually formed to eventually organise themselves into symbiotic designs of experimental production. There was no agenda; no pre-determined style, they went where each track took them, in a very intuitive way. With Adam, expert in twisting and shaping audio and Joss’ style, very much defined by his love of synths, a natural fit came together under a shared production approach. Initially, tracks were very much guided by either Adam or Joss, but rarely both; which lead to their first album entitled ‘Code’ (2015). Their second album, ‘And So We Followed Her Blindly Into The Sun’ (2017), showed a musical shift in the writing process, with greater collaborative work, strong influences from artists such as Nils Fram, A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians, and countless nights spent at the Barbican. Charlie May’s work with Sasha was never far away either. “With music that stretches across soundscapes, through minimalism to ambient, almost-pop, influences are many and varied: Eno to Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin to Peter Gabriel, classical to pop and far, far beyond. Sometimes settled, sometimes restless, always melodic; beatless sits along the breakbeat-tinged and club-influenced.” “Our new EP is just a taste of the upcoming album ‘Frequency’, soon to be released (date yet to be confirmed). We are very proud of these three tracks and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do”, Joss says.

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