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We’re Just Fine

Music Alive | Marzo 20, 2022

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, March 15, 2022/ — Music veteran, John Vento and his longtime
blue-collar rock co-horts in Nied’s Hotel Band have been releasing their impressive catalog of music since
2004, when Vento and Buddy Hall released “Nied’s Hotel Archives” and 2007’s “Nied’s Hotel.” Three more
full-lengths would follow, including 2007’s “The Way That You Roll,” 2014’s “One Night Stand,” and the 2020
compilation, “Nied’s Hotel 2.0.” The latter two included the original version of the fan-favorite, “We’re Just
Fine.” Now, Vento and company have updated the track with newly recorded backing vocals and a crisp
new remaster.

On March 18th, 2022, MTS Records will release Nied’s Hotel Band’s
new version of “We’re Just Fine.” The song was written by John
Vento and Tim Hadley, with production by Hadley and Klint
Macro, and additional production by David Granati. It is the
follow-up to the band’s #1 international iTunes chart hit, the 9/11
tribute, “The Day the Lady Cried.”
“The track really showed off the band’s R&B roots, but it never
received the traction that was expected,” said Vento. “It was
always a fan favorite, especially at live shows. Over the past few
months the band decided to dust it off a bit, add some more
background vocals and remaster the track for a new 2022
A music video created by Pittsburgh original artist Harry
Lupinacci and animator/videographer Jim Pitulski is available at
John Vento – Vocals
Fred Delu – Keyboard
Ed Jonnet – Sax
Tim Hadley – Guitar & Vocals
J Mac – Guitar & Vocals
Eugene Perry – Bass
Greg McIltrot – Drums & Vocals

You’ve been through some bad stuff lately
But you worked it all out
You’re headin’ for some good times baby
And there aint’ no doubt
Now a brand new day, brings a brand new light
Throw that shit in the sea, leave it all behind
Unlock the love in your heart, just let it shine
Sing it out to the world, you’re just fine
You’re just fine now baby
Fine now baby
Most people said that we weren’t gonna make it
But we proved em’ all wrong
They hit us hard, and then they tried to break us
But our love was way too strong
It was lookin’ bad in the eye of the storm
Winds of power and might meant to do you harm
Through the love of great friends we stood arm and arm
Sing it out to the world you’re just fine
You’re just fine now baby
Fine now baby
I know there’s nights when you feel so alone girl
We live two separate lives
But remember those nights when we were hand and hand
I’ll always be by your side, baby I’m your man
I’ll never let ya down, gonna take a stand

Sing out to the world, that we’re just fine
We’re just fine
Were just doing fine now baby
We’re Just doing fine
Michael Stover
MTS Management Group

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