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“What to do when breathing is deadly?”

Music Alive | Maggio 2, 2021

In his new single, the queer artist Cecé Pássaro addresses conflicts between the urban, nature and isolation. In “Velho Novo Ar”, Cecé invites us to reflect on our loneliness, thus seeking an “air” in the midst of the tragedy we are experiencing. The song recalls our most ancient natural connection: oxygen, element that connects us in a vital and primordial way to all nature. The only video clip produced by the artist Airton Gregório.

Bringing several sound layers, the electronic song of the Bird transmits the atmosphere of the dance floor and dialogues with the harmonic refinement of the pianos and keys of Diego Schültz, creating a unique, warm and exotic pop music, with elements of hip hop, house and of MPB. Cecé Pássaro’s compositions are marked by manifestations of nature paintings, non-binary poetics and the evocation of the sacred. The music is produced by Cecé, Diego Schültz and Dazluz.

Pubblicato da Music Alive


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