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X LoW, presents “Bom Bom”: His new Single which will Blow All it Up

Music Alive | Gennaio 20, 2021

produced in his house in Tuscany, near Siena, the month of January .

The Single “Bom Bom”, by X LoW, was released on 20/01/2021.  It is NOW AVAILABLE on EVERY Digital Store.

The Artist, X LoW, describes his New Piece like this:

“When I was making the beat for “Bom Bom”, my newest Release, I felt a strange feeling, like I already knew how the song was supposed to come out and how I wanted it to be in everyone’s ears. When I thought this I hadn’t created the Drums for this song yet, but I don’t know… Maybe I’m just evolving and understanding new things. So for the first time I’m really proud of my ability and I’m sure of what I’m doing. Hope You will listen to this song (more than just once😉) In the lyrics I’ve spoken about me, my crush, how much I’m certain about myself and about my bravery in everything I do in my life. Maybe in the lyrics you can’t find everything I said but I can show You that simply by listening to my song now.”

Biography: LORE CECCO, aka X LoW, is an Hip Hop/Rap Artist and producer who lives in Italy

He has already had contact with the Internet as a kid, starting in 2013 to publish videos on Youtube about gaming.

Then, He started making professional Music. He began his interests in the Musical Trend and now He’s releasing his new song which, according to the author, will change the world of his musical style and it will change the cards on the table.

Right now He is a university student and He is studying Maths at the University of Siena, where He moved. There, He produces, writes and sings every song on his own.

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