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Zoun – Lézard Vert

Music Alive | Dicembre 7, 2020

In the spirit of its creator, Lézard Vert is much more than a music band. It hails a concept of participation, a record label in itself, of which it assumes boldly the parenthood, but where each musician plays on musical pieces of their peers. A concept that took shape after the Carrousel experience. During a prolonged retreat in Manapany “country of Lézard Vert”, Zoun then started to lay the foundation for the album éponyme.

Zoun concurrently follows the career of two accomplished musicians, namely; Teddy Baptiste and Kiki Mariapin, with whom he occasionally performed, and its Gilbert Pounia who provoked the spark leading to the encounter with Philippe De Magnée, a Belgium-originated sound engineer, invited on Reunion island to record Ziskakan.

Pioneer of the electric maloya, agile composer of various influences, Zoun, is proud to see his Lézard Vert resurface on turntables. This new version initiated by Wazis Pounia gave birth to a collaboration between Ziskakan and the Mauritian label, Babani Records. The remastering has been entrusted to Neil Combstock, sound engineer of the label, based in the United Kingdom and the illustration to the Mauritian artist, Guillaume Clarisse, all under the art direction of Avneesh Bacha. This reissue in 33turns vinyl discs and streaming, has the merit of bringing to the ear a whole generation, recorded in 1983, a key era in the history of Reunionese music. With the passing of time, a number of musical treasures have been unfortunately lost, forgotten, or never even recorded. Thus, when the opportunity presents itself, it is our duty to honour them with a re-publishing.

Producer: Ziskakan
Artwork: Guimero
Re-Mastering: Neil Combstock // The Studio

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